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I am a plant molecular biologist who is interested in how an organism senses environmental stimuli and coordinately regulates its autonomous organelles (i.e. chloroplasts) to adapt the changing environment. You can learn more about my research in "About Me" and "Publication" tab.

I also committed myself as a teacher to inspire more students interested in molecular and cell biology. You can find my teaching philosophy, teaching experiences, and example syllabi in the "Teaching Philosophy" tab.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy traveling, knitting/crocheting, and exploring new restaurants and different types of food!


October 02, 2017

Emily has started her new job at Columbia University Medical Center

After graduated from Duke University this July, she has relocated to NYC for her new postdoctoral research associate position at Dr. Liza Pon's Lab. She is currently working on establishing BioID system in yeast and use this method to identify protein networks involved in compensation/adaptation when lipid is imbalanced in yeast. Hopefully this approach will provide us more information regarding this new pathway.

October 01, 2017

Emily is featured on the ASBMB Today for her Tabor Award!

A short interview regarding her doctoral work which leads to this award. Thanks to ASBMB for giving me such a great chance to showcase my work! Also thanks to Dr. Joseph Jez from WUSTL for choosing me as awardee and Nathalie Gerassimov from Johns Hopkins for writing up the article.

July 07, 2017

Emily has sucessfully defended and now an official Ph.D.!

June 22, 2017

Emily won Herbert Tabor Young Investigator Award at ICAR!

JBC/Herbert Tabor Young Investigator award is to recognize the innovators/achievers in young researchers who exemplify Tabor’s values of creativity and scientific excellence. She is thrilled to be awarded this at 2017 ICAR!

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